Diabetes Blogger Melanie Stephenson Wins The Stur Christmas Challenge

Over the festive period the team here at Stur Drinks HQ thought it would be fun to run a little challenge for some of our favourite food/drink, nutrition and lifestyle bloggers to come up with some creative recipes using our natural water enhancers with stevia.

We received some very creative and festive recipes, perfect for the time of year, including Stur mulled wine, Stur jelly moulds for the kids and Stur cocktails...but the winner of our Christmas challenge is our favourite diabetes blogger Melanie Stephenson!

Stur Drinks are not only sugar-free, but a fantastic natural drink for diabetics too, so we absolutely loved chatting and working with Mel, one of the top diabetes bloggers.

Mel has come up some fantastic drinks suitable for diabetics including special occasions, quick refreshing drinks and hot and cold recipes, which are great for those cold winter nights.

The first recipe is a great alternative to drinking Stur with water.


For this recipe you will need:
•  250ml of sugar-free lemonade
•  1-2 squirts of Real Brewed Tea and Peach

Fill your favourite cocktail glass with lemonade and add 1-2 squirts of Stur "Real Brewed Tea and Peach" you can add more or less of the natural water flavouring depending on how much you like the peach taste. Stir with a cocktail mixer and you're ready to enjoy a sugar-free mocktail with all the flavour. This has to be one of the best sugar free drink for diabetics.

The next recipe is a brilliant idea to help keep you warm during the winter without consuming any caffeine (which can actually dehydrate you.)


Just like the title suggests, for this recipe you will need:
•  250ml of hot bottled water
•  1-2 squirts of Boldly Blackcurrant Apple

Boil the kettle and grab your favourite mug. Fill the mug with hot water (be careful when pouring) and add a squirt or two of Stur "Boldly Blackcurrant Apple", stir with a teaspoon and enjoy. This feel good winter warmer works well with any Stur flavour. It's ideal if you're feeling a bit under the weather this winter because every serving of Stur contains your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, boosting your immune system and reducing tiredness and fatigue.

The third recipe is something that everyone should try and it's perfect for special occasions.


For this recipe you will need:
•  150ml of your favourite champagne
•  1 squirt of Clearly Cranberry & Pomegranate

Fill a champagne flute with your favourite champagne and before you raise your glass to toast a special occasion add a squirt of Stur "Clearly Cranberry & Pomegranate" natural liquid water flavouring. Adding a squirt of Stur will add a delicious fruity flavour to the champagne, which is great for those of us that are not that keen on the strong alcohol taste.

We would like to thank Melanie Stephenson for creating these delicious recipes. Follow Mel on Twitter where she will be giving away one of our Mixed Varity Packs.

If you fancy trying any of the above recipes, or have a recipe of your own we'd love to hear from you. Tweet us @SturDrinksUK or post on our Facebook Page.

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